Results preview: Year 2017

Miércoles, 28 Febrero 2018.

Reig Jofre closes 2017 with an increase in sales of 4.3% in a year marked by the growth of its traditional business units and a significant recovery of the antibiotics and nutritional supplements product lines

  • The good performance of the two business units of Reig Jofre in the last quarter (areas of technological- and therapeutic specialization) allowed to achieve annual sales growth of 4.3% and set the turnover at € 168M, (total income of € 170M)
  • The continuous good evolution of injectables, dermatology and respiratory/ENT was complemented with the correction over the last quarter of the decrease in sales of the nutritional supplements line in France and antibiotics
  • The company increased personnel expenses by 7% and operating expenses by 6%, due to the reinforcement of the productive and R&D structures for the ongoing investments. Despite this, EBITDA maintained a positive evolution of 0.6% compared to 2016 and stood at € 15.8M
  • Net result grew by 14.9% compared to 2016 and reached € 8.8M, partly due to the favorable fiscal impacts for higher deductions in R&D and the partial reversal of the negative effect of tax credit deterioration in the previous year
  • The company improved its treasury position by reducing € 11M its net financial debt, which stood at € 18.3M, a debt/EBITDA ratio of 1.2 times compared to 1.8 times in 2016

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