Results note: Third quarter 2015

Martes, 03 Noviembre 2015.

A new quarter of strong growth in the first year after the merger between Natraceutical and Reig Jofre, in which the net result of Reig Jofre grew 85% in the first nine months to € 8.70 M.

  • Reig Jofre closed September 2015 with sales of € 116.16 M (+2.5%), EBITDA of € 13.57 M (+10.8%) and income before taxes of € 9.88 M (+35.5%).
  • On September 30, net financial debt stood at € 11.20 M, 0.8 times the EBITDA of the first nine months of the year.
  • The company conducted in September a reverse split of 1x20 to improve the performance of Reig Jofre’s shares after the merger between Natraceutical and Reig Jofre.

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