Research areas

Reig Jofre’s R&D team is composed of 47 technicians with ample experience in the following areas of research:

  • Bioequivalence studies.
  • Clinical pharmacokinetics and bioavailability studies.
  • Drug interaction studies.
  • Preclinical pharmacokinetics.
  • Preclinical toxicokinetics.
  • Analysis and identification of metabolites.

Based on this experience, and with a specialized emphasis on the therapeutic areas of dermatology, gynecology and respiration, the R&D team focuses its activity on:

  • Development of new pharmaceutical products or variations on known active ingredients in order to modify their release, improve their dosage and obtain new routes of administration or indications.
  • Development of generic specialties for licensing to third parties, maintaining manufacturing in the company’s production facilities.

With regard to dosage forms, Reig Jofre combines the strengths of its R&D team with a high-end production capacity in three areas of high added-value:

  • Penicillin antibiotics in all dosage forms: injections (sterile powder vials), tablets, capsules, sachets and syrups.
  • Cephalosporin antibiotics: sterile powder for injection in vials.
  • Lyophilised vials for all types of APIs:
    • Thermal analysis in lyophilization.
    • Application of DSC (differential scanning calorimetry), FDM (lyophilization microscope) and DTA-ER (differential thermal analysis and electrical resistance) techniques.
    • Development and optimization of lyophilization recipes in pilot plant.
    • Industrial scale process.
    • Applications in generics, proteins, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, etc.

The company also has extensive development and production strength in:

  • Liquid dosage forms: oral and topical solutions in ampoules and sterile vials, syrups, liquids in single-dose sachets and swabs.
  • Semi-solid forms: ointments, emulsions, micro-emulsions, and creams.
  • Solid oral dosage forms: capsules, tablets, coated tablets and lozenges.

Finally, Reig Jofre’s R&D team has extensive experience in coordinating and conducting preclinical and clinical (Phase I-IV) ADMET studies required for the development both of proprietary products and of third-party products.

To this end, Reig Jofre has a mass spectrometry (LC_MS/MS) service that is mainly specialized in bioanalysis and covered by a "Good Laboratory Practice" (GLP) certification.

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