Commitment to biotechnology

Reig Jofre has a clear commitment to supporting the development of the biotechnology sector in Spain. Thus, the company conducts extensive analysis on developing projects in specialized therapeutic areas in order to actively participate in their development and facilitate their success.

Reig Jofre has a multidisciplinary team with a proven track record in the design and development of biotechnology products. This is carried out through the application of rigor and scientific criteria, the company is able to transform projects from their initial phase to their commercialization or licensing.

Reig Jofre maintains an active role in entrepreneurial and business associations within the biotechnology industry. In this context, since January 2014, Ignasi Biosca, CEO of the company, presides CataloniaBio, the Catalan Association of Biotech Companies.

As a recent example of Reig Jofre’s participation in the biotechnology sector, in 2007 the company created, in conjunction with Oryzon Genomics, Geadic Biotec AIE, a company focused on genomic research for the diagnosis and prognosis of gynecological diseases.

As a result of this scientific collaboration, in 2011 the results of the first investigation were presented in Milan within the framework of the 17th International Congress of the European Society of Gynecologic Oncology.

2013 saw the launch of GynEC-DX, a molecular diagnostic test for endometrial cancer screening.

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