Respiratory / ENT

Specialty name

Active principle


Pharmaceutical form: 100 m, 50 ml (Junior)

Purified sea water, sodium docusate, beta cyclodextrins

Cleaning spray to remove excess earwax
3E effect: Emulsify, Encapsulates, Eliminates the cerumen

Pharmaceutical form: 10 ml

Ricinus Communis seed oil and Pine essential oil

Softens and dissolves earwax plug

HALAZON, Oral Spray
Pharmaceutical form: Spray 10g

Peppermint and menthol.
2 Tastes: intense and normal

Instant and long-lasting fresh breath.
Occasional halitosis. Purifies the bad breath, instantly creating a lasting sensation of freshness in the mouth.

Budesonide MDI
Pharmaceutical form: Metered Dose Inhaler- pressurised

200 mcg /dose 100 actuations 5 ml
200 mcg /dose 200 actuations 10 ml
50 mcg /dose 200 actuations 10 ml

Corticosteroid drug for the treatment of asthma

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