Specialty name

Active principle


Pharmaceutical form: Oral solution 360 μg/ml

Patented formulation of Desmopressin in oral solution

Primary nocturnal enuresis and diabetes insipidus
-Only desmopressin oral solution in the market
-Improves flexibility in Dosing and Sequential withdrawal

Pharmaceutical form: Innovative device 10 g

Potassium Hydroxide
10% in a gel

Skin infection caused by the Molluscum contagiosum virus.
Innovative device makes the product more safe:
-Ensures the application only in the infected area
-No risk of spilling the product

Pharmaceutical form: Water paste 75G

Water paste with aloe vera extract. Easier to apply and remove with water

Prevent, alleviate and treat diaper dermatitis

Pharmaceutical form: Almond oil, 125 ml

Sweet almond oil

Skin emollient and moisturizer
Massage oil

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