From 1929
1929 Ramón Reig Jofre created Laboratorio Reig Jofre in the back room of his pharmacy located at Calle Gran de Gracia, in Barcelona.

1958 He built a new 5-floor production laboratory on Calle Pi i Margall, in Barcelona.

1963 Agreement with Pierre Fabre to commercialise Ciclotres in Spain, collaborating to consolidate its commercial network in Spain.

1964 Launch of Vincosedan and Dermo Chabre B6.

1970 Juan Mª Biosca is appointed as General Manager of Laboratorio Reig Jofre.

1982 Acquisition of Laboratorio Farmacéutico Vicente Ferrer with its speciality, Oftalmol.

1983 Specialisation of the equipment in developments in the field of Dermatology.

1989 Acquisition of Laboratorio Farmacéutico Galepharma Ibérica. Following renovation, the facilities at Sant Adrià del Besós specialise in the production of Penicillin products, and the activity of the Industrial Division as manufacturers for third parties begins.

1992 Acquisition of the specialities Phonal and Otocerum.

1993 Acquisition of Laboratorios Medea, specialised in dermatology products such as Complidermol and Medebiotín. The installations are specialised in the production of solid and semi-solid forms.

1995 Acquisition of Laboratorio Orravan, specialised in the OTC line: Vaseline, Suentillas, Chlorates.

1996 Acquisition of the product line OTC topical disinfectants from Montplet.

1997 Acquisition of the Sant Joan Despí/Barcelona plant (SJD) from Boehringer Ingelheim.

1998 The companies of the Group move to the new headquarters in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona).

1999 Acquisition of Laboratorio Ramón Sala with its speciality, Lacteol.

2000 Acquisition of the GlaxoSmithKline penicillin antibiotic factory in Toledo (Spain).

2000 Renovation of the Sant Joan Despí plant (RJ Barcelona) to increase the production capacity of the Industrial Services Division. Creation of the International Business Area.

2001 Specialisation of the plant in Toledo (Spain) (RJ Toledo) in the development of generic products and production of penicillin specialities for third parties around the world.

2002 Acquisition of package of penicillin antibiotic specialities from Cepa Schwarz with leading brands such as Farmoproina.

2003 Inauguration of the plant for cephalosporin antibiotic vials for injection, in Toledo (Spain).

2004 Acquisition of the Madrid Farma Antibiotics actives and the takeover of their commercial network of medical visits, as well as their brands: Ardine, Anaclosil, Pulmictan, Ulcometion and AdineClav.

2006 Ignasi Biosca Reig, third generation in the family, becomes the CEO of REIG JOFRE Group.

2007 Creation of Giadic Biotech, joint venture with Oryzon Genomics to carry out research in the field of cancer in women.

2008 Creation of the Center of Freeze-drying Excellence in Sant Joan Despí.

2009 Inauguration of a new sterile freeze-drying plant in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona).

2009 Acquisition of Bioglan AB in Malmö (Sweden), specialized in the development and manufacturing of dermatological and topical products.

2010 Creation of RJ Biotech Services, skilled division in the provision of services in the biotechnological field.

2011 Creation of RJ UK, commercial subsidiary in UK for the sale of own pharmaceutical products in the hospitable market.

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