Industrial Services Division
Our Assets

Reig Jofre Group's Industrial Division is a leader in:
1. Out-licensing of dossiers and production of pharmaceutical products globally (generic specialities, modified generic and innovative products).
2. Production services for third parties (contract-manufacturing).

Three major areas:
  • Penicillin antibiotics in all their pharmaceutical forms (vials with sterile powder, and oral forms, sachets and syrups)
  • Cephalosporin antibiotics in sterile powder vials
  • Freeze-dried vials for varied active ingredients

  • Ampoules and vials (sterile liquids)
  • Liquids: oral and topical Solutions, syrups, single-dose liquid forms and impregnated wipes
  • Semi-solid forms, ointments, emulsions, micro-emulsions, creams
  • Oral solid forms: capsules, tablets and coated tablets.

4 Production Plants:
RJ Barcelona
Production facility for freeze-dried vials, sterile vials, sterile ampoules, liquids, syrups and solid and semi-solid forms.
RJ Toledo
Oral and sterile penicillin antibiotics facility
Sterile cephalosporin antibiotics facility
RJ Bioglan
Plant manufacturing semi-solid and liquid forms

Our Offering

From our varied Production Facilities we offer a full service package to our third party and other clients. Strong service characteristics are:

  • Client focus with full business support activities including accounts and service packages tailor made for each client
  • Commitment to high levels of customer service including product quality
  • Systems and control aimed at effectively managing a large number of products and a varied client base
  • A dedicated Technology Transfer team, who will work with you,the client and facilitate the validation and transfer of your products into RJ facilities
  • Experience and expertise in the manufacture and supply of a diverse product range for 180 clients globally and varying from large multi-nationals to local companies, manufacturing both branded and generic products

RJ will manage supply complexity on your behalf as they do for many current clients.


At Reig Jofre Group we efficiently manage all systems and procedures relating to maintenance and revision of the Quality System operated within the company In addition we ensure that systems and procedures required for the development , manufacturing, control and supply of third party services , are fully compliant with the client specifications and needs.

Our objective is to guarantee that the drugs comply with Quality, Efficacy and , Safety specifications currently applicable.

The Quality Guarantee includes the improvement of processes, thus ensuring that appropriate and up-to-date information on the therapeutic use of authorised drugs and drugs being developed, complies in all cases with the provisions in the Law of Guarantees and Rational Use of Drugs and Health Products 29/2006.

The Quality Guarantee also includes the optimisation of monitoring and surveillance systems, to reinforce the safety of our drugs.

We maximize our commitments to the Quality Guarantee by providing information to our clients on the status of their applications procedures to authorise drugs which have been developed by our R&D team.

Our Research personnel receive training in the importance of and adherence to The Quality Guarantee – they receive advice and knowledge on applicable regulations and the results of scientifice consultations, in order to undertake research projects on advanced therapies.

The Quality function within Reig Jofre ensures that all the personnel in the company commit themselves to Total Quality.

Our leadership role in fulfilling Quality Guarantee objectives has resulted in the expansion of our business activities to EU countries since we are regarded as a prestigious reference company in the development and production of drugs.

Environment & Health

Throughout all the RJ facilities we have in place Environmental policies which are always in compliance with current legislation, and are aimed at promoting the health of all the people who work with RJ by minimising risks and caring for the environment during all the our business processes.

Reig Jofre has professionals in its Engineering-IMS Department who focus their activities on complying with the current legislation on Occupational Risk Prevention and Protection of the Environment. This requires all personnel in the different programmes to commit themselves to minimising and recycling waste, and efficiently consuming natural resources (water, energy, raw materials…) that are necessary in the operations of our company.

RJ is part of the SIGRE Integrated Management System to Recover redundant products , in order to assure that the medicine and containers are treated and disposed of in a proper manner once they have been used or when they have become out of date in the homes of the end users.

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