Manufacturing Sites
RJ Barcelona plant

  • RJ Acquired the Sant Joan Despí site (Barcelona) in 1998, with three independent buildings and a surface of 23,000m2

  • Investment made in 2000 to renovate the production building and offer production services for third parties of:

    • Sterile freeze-dried vials
    • Sterile ampoules and vials
    • Liquid forms: oral and topic solutions, syrups, single-dose liquid forms and impregnated wipes.
    • Semi-solid forms: ointments, emulsions, micro-emulsions, creams
    • Oral solid forms: capsules, pills, tablets and coated tablets

  • Increase in the production capacity in 2008 of oral and topic solutions (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) with the creation of a new production area.
    - 2,000 and 8,000 litre reactors in the ATEX/GMP area.
    - 6,000 litre reactors in the Conventional/GMP area.
    5,000,000 litre capacity.

  • An important and specialised investment beginning in 2008 aimed at increasing the lyophilisation (freeze-drying) capacity threefold (x 3) during 2008-2009.
    5 freeze-dryers available in different sizes from 0,1 xm2 to 23 m2.
    Capacity for 10,000,000 lines of freeze-dried vials pa.

  • Creation of a Center of Excellence in Lyophilization in 2008, with a substantial investment in technical and human resources (Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Freeze-Dryer Microscopy and DTA-ER), which will enable the development of freeze-drying vial products for Pharmaceutical and Biological companies globally, using acquired experience and knowledge particularly in the optimisation of freeze-drying cycles.

RJ Toledo facility

  • RJ Acquired the site from SB (Smithkline Beecham, now GlaxoSmithkline) in 2000 for the purpose of specialising in the development of generic antibiotics and production of Penicillin specialities for third parties.

  • In 2003, RJ built a new independent facility on the land adjacent to the original site, to produce sterile Cephalosporin antibiotic vials.

  • RJ Toledo is currently made up of two completely independent facilities and installations with a surface of 21,000 m2.

    • Penicillin products
      • Machinery and equipment to manufacture oral forms (oral suspensions, tablets, capsules, sachets and suspensions)
      • 3 lines of sterile vials for injection and infusion.
    • Cephalosporin products
      • 2 lines of sterile powder vials

  • Continuous investments have made this one of the most advanced beta-lactam antibiotics (penicillin and cephalosporin) sites in Europe because of its specialisation, technology, production quality and production capacity (more than 70 million units a year). Production units have doubled and employee numbers have grown substantially since the facility was acquired

RJ Bioglan Plant

  • RJ acquired Malmo's Plant (Sweden) in 2009, with a surface area of 5900 m2

  • Specializing in a manufacturing and development of products used in clinical testing and also semisolid and liquid products; with a manufacturing scale up to 1250 kg.

  • The swedish Plant also has machinery and facilities for the manufacturing of:

    • Semisolid forms: ointments, emulsions, microemulsions and creams.

      • Currently Malmo's produces two lines of packaging; plastic and aluminum tubes and plastic canisters.
        Filling and fitting of tubes: 80 units/minute.
        Filling and fitting of canisters: 80 units/minute.

    • Liquids: topical solutions and aerosols

      • One line for filling and fitting of bottles and tubes
        Filling and fitting of canisters: 500 kilograms/hour.

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