Reig Jofre in brief

Founded in 1929, Reig Jofre is a Spanish pharmaceutical company whose business is divided into two major areas: one main for the marketing and manufacture of own developments (RJF Pharma, 80% of total sales) and one of specialized contract development and manufacturing (RJF CDMO, 20% of total sales). At its core activity, the company focuses on the development of technological-specialization products (antibiotics and injectable products); therapeutic-specialization products in the areas of dermatology, gynaecology and respiratory; and consumer healthcare products. The company directs its R&D to develop new indications and/or dosage forms of already-known active ingredients, generic medicines with a special focus on the development of beta-lactam antibiotics and injectable, topical dermatological products, OTCs and food supplements as well as the development of new innovative molecules in partnership with start-ups and biotech research centres.

Reig Jofre has 900 employees, 4 development centers and 3 manufacturing sites in Europe, direct sales in 6 countries in Europe and over 130 commercial partners in 58 countries worldwide.

The company trades on the Spanish stock exchange under the ticker RJF, and is #5 Spanish pharmaceutical company by turnover in Spain.

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